The terrible economic crisis and the recession that unfortunately pervades at all levels and social strata, the Italians’ spending capacity has meant that it spends much less cash. Therefore those who have excess debts have great difficulty in cashing in and settling their suffering . It is clear that this situation can generate panic and difficulty.

I have so many debts what should I do?

many debts

We then ask ourselves what to do and how to behave when Boojum or funding has been obtained at the time of the fat cows and at present there is difficulty in returning them. We therefore wonder about how to get out of debt , today we try to give you some useful information and advice.

How to get out of debt: the arrival of the Judicial Officer

How to get out of deb

Before the arrival of the usual reminder letter from the financial company, bank or in any case issued by the creditor and to avoid the unwelcome visit, later, of the judicial officer it is good to behave with loyalty towards those who gave us confidence by giving us credit.

However, after having compiled a summary of figures, installments with total debts, it is preferable to get alive with our creditor explaining the reasons for which perhaps it is not possible to maintain the cadence of the installment or the same amounts. Let’s try together to find a solution by asking for an extension that allows us to breathe and to rearrange ideas.

How to pay off debts: debt consolidation and installment plan

debt consolidation

If we are allowed we propose a debt consolidation. That is to say, once the various aspects have been added together, we ensure that the same are absorbed by a single new creditor who, by paying off the other parts, re-discusses a new repayment installment plan, perhaps longer and less onerous.

How to recover from debts: the only installment


Bringing together and ongoing loans in one installment is the best way to deal with excess debt waves. In the event that this possibility cannot be taken into consideration, you should know that you can declare your failure. By adopting this stratagem, it will be possible to block any debt and the dossier will end up being forwarded to the court. After a procedure the negotiation for the repayment of the sums will take place between the “liquidator” and the creditors.

This solution has the advantage that it allows the payment of debts to be interrupted until the court decides. Once the bankruptcy is obtained, it will be up to us to produce and save money by changing our “spendereccio” lifestyle and above all by placing ourselves in a position to avoid unnecessary expenses and luxuries that we can no longer afford, given the result we found ourselves. To err is human, to persevere is diabolical!

The crisis has hit businesses and individuals “without exclusion of blows”, how to get out of debt has become a bother of thousands of Italians who feel lost when they see that the weight of the amount they have to repay has become unsustainable. There are solutions, useful and effective solutions to alleviate these situations, we all try to live these moments together with rationality, patience and understanding, because anyone can find himself suddenly in the part of who has to return money.